Vintage Plonk Nectary for Hidden Springs

I built this Nectary for BlueBay Retreat but thought I would change it slightly for Hidden Springs by replacing the Cherry and Olive Trees with Firs so it blends into the surroundings a bit more. All the nectar making grapes are planted and there are two nectar machines and loads of nectar racks.


“Not a Concrete” Park uploaded.

Download Link:

My finished park for Hidden Springs. Your Sims can play Gnubb, chess, look through a telescope, play instruments and have a jam session, and cook in this new park for Hidden Springs. They can of course use the Fountain of Youth but they’ll need to learn how to teleport first 😀

Rebuilding Hidden Springs – Part 3

Whatever the building was opposite the City Park/Parking Lot has now been bulldozed and turned into a Hangout. There’s a massive pool, mixology bar, seating, bathrooms, private sun loungers and a fire pit.

No lot is completely finished yet, including the park, but I do plan on uploading all the lots once they’re done.

Hope you like it 🙂