Breezy Boudoir

After quite a traumatic experience for poor Bluebell Flora, I’ve just uploaded Breezy Boudoir to the Exchange. She was busy painting away when a little pop-up appeared telling her it was getting a bit dark. I had no idea what this meant until a bloody great big meteor landed on top of her.

So in true Sims style I deleted the lot and plonked down my backup from the Library so I could continue CASing and hanging paintings.

Hope you like it. It looks great on Alder Street if you place a 20×20 lot using the Edit in Town tool 🙂

Download Link:

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16 thoughts on “Breezy Boudoir

  1. It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me! I wish she hadn’t died because I could have collected the meteors and scrap. The house was an absolute mess, everything was destroyed 😦


  2. I’ve had Ambitions since it came out and I’ve yet to experience a meteor in my game – though I’m not really complaining! lol

    Anyhoo, the house is lovely. Love the color scheme and the use of half walls to create an openess – left you a rec 🙂


  3. If your sim is carryon a Death Flower at the time of the meteor hit, there is a good chance the Grimmy will be so overwhelmed by the gift that he will bring your Sim back to life…That’s what happened to my sim, anyway! So now I try to make sure all my Sims are carrying a death flower at all times!

    Absolutely lovely house, by the way…as usual!


  4. Very nice house. Pity about the meteor. I had one hit the house as my sim was moving in at the start of a new game. Only time I’ve had meteor strike too!


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