Paco’s ode to Macs and EA

You have to head over to Paco’s Blog of Amazing for this super-duper tribute to us beleaguered Mac users and EA’s crapness. Click on the pic. below to be taken straight to it. Paco – you ROCK! And you know what? He’s not even a Mac user, so suck it up all you Windows users who roll out the pathetic PC vs Mac stupidity, and thank you again to the majority of Windows users who have been supporting us – you guys are fab 😉


One thought on “Paco’s ode to Macs and EA

  1. So I cant log into the sims thing, it refuses to let me sign in- a constant, site issue error. Could I be banned from the sims forums for also posting a screen cap of the only answer I ever got from ea after spending hours on the phone for days at a time only to be hung up on before I can even say a darn word. What is going on in the forums. I am so confused UGH


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