Farewell to a great Simmer, Hillcrest1414

Hillcrest1414, creator of the most beautiful houses in TS3 and one of the most genuine Simmers I have had the pleasure to converse with, has sadly passed away. Thank you to KrazyAngelKat81 for informing me of this devastating news. I am so shocked and saddened I don’t really know what to say.

I first ‘met’ Hillcrest on the official forums during an unpleasant serious of events involving a particularly nasty individual. At all times throughout many threads which must have caused her much distress and frustration, she remained calm, gentle and dignified. A truly wonderful person online, I can only imagine how special she was to her friends and family. My thoughts are with them during this very difficult time.

All of Hillcrest’s beautiful builds were moved to Neighborly Sims at her request. You can find them here. If you are not familiar with her creations please take the time to head over and take a look. They are simply stunning and something beautiful to remember her by.


13 thoughts on “Farewell to a great Simmer, Hillcrest1414

  1. Very sad news indeed. I never knew she was sick, so I am shocked as well. She was a wonderful creator and a great Simmer, she will be dearly missed. My thoughts are with her family and friends.


  2. Thank you Bluebellflora for helping us to get the message out there.
    She was sick for a while but asked her close simming friends to keep it a secret until so passed away. I hope you will all understand that.
    She was a talented builder and a wonderful lady and we hope to preserve her memory at Neighborly Sims the way she and her husband asked us to,


  3. Oh no, I’m stunned. She was a very nice person. I only had chance to converse with her via the official boards during an incident, though I’ve always had her builds in my game. She was really lovely. My sympathies to her family and her friends. 😦


  4. Thank you so much for posting this. It means a lot to us that others know she has gone. She is missed so very, very much by all of us. Wendy was the very first person to ever visit my fansite (Neighborly Sims) when it was just beginning. We began to converse, and both had memberships at several forums–especially The Sims Society, run by Mariella (from the Netherlands). There we also met kruimel76 (Floor), and a lasting friendship was formed.

    For a while, it was mostly those two who spent time with me and took part in projects at Neighborly Sims. Then Lisa (ukpoppyberry) came along when we all joined Simcastic Designs. From there, things began to flourish. Floor already had her own website, but Wendy and Lisa joined me as I opened my very first forum at Neighborly Sims, and the rest is history. Those two were my first admin ladies.

    So it’s been 7 wonderful years since I met Wendy, and now I’ve had to say goodbye. My heart is still crying (as are my eyes) a good part of every day. However, I’m very honored that Wendy and Tony chose to gift us with her creations. It has meant a lot to all of us, and we hope that you’ll pass the word so others may have the opportunity to download some of the best work in both TS2 and TS3. Thank you very much.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Linda, and for stopping by and sharing your story. It shows that there is a wonderful community of Simmers out there who care a great deal about each other. From what little I knew of Hillcrest she really seemed like such a wonderful person which was why I took exception to what happened last year. She dealt with the matter with such dignity and grace. And her builds really were stunning. I have always had a link to her website on here, which I will update shortly, but for now I would like people who click on it to be taken to the memorial page.


  5. I was wondering why she wasn’t posting anything new on her website. this is terrible. She was my favorite creator of houses. 😦


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