Uppix House

My last upload of 2011, Uppix House. Over the Christmas break I watched Up, a lovely animated movie about an old man and his flying house. I thought the house was so sweet that I had to try and build it. It’s not a complete recreation, certainly the inside is completely different, but it is similar in style. This is the first house I’ve built in nearly 3 months and whilst I enjoyed building it, TS3 is definitely something that won’t be keeping me entertained anytime soon. Fully play tested and absolutely no 3rd party CC. There are no Stuff Pack objects but there are some objects from Ambitions, Generations and Pets. There’s also one object from the Store, the windows used. Hope you like it and a happy and healthy new year to you all! 😀

Download link – http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4965776

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8 thoughts on “Uppix House

  1. Oh, that looks simply stunning, Bluebell! I might just have to go download that house… 😀

    Um, wait, why are there some images that were duplicated in the Exchange? 😕 Weird. Anyway, I think I might have to boot up my game again (oh man, I wish the game would be fixed but I turned it on the other day and the sidewalks in SV flickered…) and make some houses. You really inspired me. 😉

    Btw, I tried making a starter house following your tutorial. It looked so easy, but it’s definitely not as fast as it looks. I was banging my head on the desk and thinking, “I command this to be as easy as Bluebell made it look!” It didn’t come out like I wanted it to, but I made it work. 🙂


      1. No, I tried making my own. It worked, for the most part. But it was pretty time-consuming for such a tiny house.

        Anyway, your new house is definitely something I want, but the download page for the windows you used keeps messing up and I want those windows. I’ve watched Up as well, it’s a pretty nice movie.

        Oh, and Happy New Year to you. 😀


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