Coming back slowly.

In the last few days I’ve wanted to load up The Sims 3 again. Don’t know why as RL still has so much going on, but I’ve just been messing around with it. My lovely husband (yep, he’s no longer simply a boyfriend 😉 ) bought me Supernatural the other day and I’ve been laughing at macho Sims running around with bright pink fairy wings. My game seems to be working ok at the moment. I’ve patched a couple of times with no problems and installed Supernatural without any hitches. Although whenever there’s any kind of animal in sight or about to spawn there is a slight stutter and lag as the game engine tries to keep up. Of course this is nothing to do with my Macs specs. and everything to do with EA’s crappy port using Cider. Does it happen in Boot Camp? Of course not.

So I’m thinking I might build something simple and upload it soon. The problem is that all my builds are so store heavy content wise but I guess most builder’s houses are now, 3 1/2 years down the line.


11 thoughts on “Coming back slowly.

  1. grats on your recent nuptials! i have been pretty sim obsessed as of late myself. i get that brief stutter too. overall tho, my game is running pretty well with no major glitches. (lots of minor ones but hey im used to THAT)


  2. When I hover my mouse over that rather lovely picture, it says Truffle Cove. So I am compelled to ask, are you making a new world? Because you know I don’t hate your Sims worlds 🙂


  3. Thanks Zeri 😀 I hope we haven’t spoken too soon about our games working well……

    @Caspin – lol! It’s a tiny little island which I use to play on sometimes if I’m trying to get a Sim’s skills up – there are no rabbitholes or community lots for distraction. There are however loads of spawners and it’s full of animals. If you want it I’ll happily upload it to mediafire for you 🙂


  4. Aw, thanks, that’s kind 🙂 Don’t worry, though, I think I should probably focus on exploring the worlds I’ve already got installed already. I’m still working my way through the world adventures lol!

    Just patched to 1.41 or whatever it is. Tense times. Got myself all set up with a glass of wine and some fingernails to chew. Then one minute later it’s all done. Mods back in, game loads. What a relief. Yup, probably talking too soon. I’ll shut up and not jinx us!


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