Seasons overload – Greetings from BlueBay Retreat!


11 thoughts on “Seasons overload – Greetings from BlueBay Retreat!

  1. …Pretty…

    *snaps out of it* Sorry, it’s just that I do not see snow that often, considering that I live in a place where it doesn’t even drop below 34 during winter in the NIGHT. I wish I lived in a place with 4 seasons instead of 2 – it’s practically only summer and fall. And I can’t get Seasons either, for 4 reasons – my game doesn’t work, I have no money for it, my computer would be murdered, and I’m addicted to another game now.

    Also, just curious, can ponds freeze over? It would definitely make it more real. And it would be funny to see a Sim walking along and they skid on a patch of ice and land facedown in the snow 😀


  2. Wow! You are trying to get me in the Holiday spirit. You know……Santa Claus is coming…….Anyway, just what I needed to feel festive. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. I’m really quite impressed with the overall build of Seasons. (Of course that’s taking out all the issues and everything, but that’s for a different time and place. ;)) Your screenshots are so pretty!


  4. Sugar, yep, they freeze over, and if the pond is big enough, they can ice skate on it. If they are beginners at ice skating, they can fall. 🙂

    BBR is gorgeous! That one little house looks like a cute gingerbread house. ^_^


  5. Hey Bluebell,

    Granted I know each one probably has its fair share of bugs (this -is- EA after all) I was wondering what your opinion is on Supernatural and Seasons? I have winter break coming up here and I’ll have quite a bit time to get back into playing and was hoping you could give me some suggestions as to which one would be worth getting. Judging by your posts it appears you like Seasons a bit more so that’s what I’m leaning towards. I’m looking for something with plenty of physical (well in-game physical) content. Not so much interested in boring jobs or emotes and whatnot as I am in CAS and homebuilding/environment. What would you recommend, assuming I only get one or the other?


      1. Of course it isn’t :\ What a bummer… still not sure which one I’ll get. Is Seasons not working to the point where it’s unplayable?


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