Alync works out why Transgaming called it Cider


“do you think it’s named cider because it squeezes all the juice out of your apple computer?”

Never a truer word spoken. Alync – you’re a goddam GENIUS! 😀


8 thoughts on “Alync works out why Transgaming called it Cider

  1. I think my head just exploded from sheer pwnage.

    Out if curiosity (Cult of Windows member here), what would be the best way besides a full port, to bring the game to a mac? Cider looks good on paper, but the people who are using it don’t seem to agree. Another case of ‘works with numbers, not with people’, as with so many things in life.

    I’m asking because a growing part of me is considering an act of treason :P.

    “Look at the shiny retinascreen, little Windows user. Come on, don’t be shy now, you know you want to…”

    “So pretty… Can… can I eat it?”


    1. “act of treason” – LOL Thalia!

      You can install Windows on a Mac VERY easily, it has a program called Boot Camp already built into the OS which does it for you. All you need is a copy of Windows 7. You can then play TS3 on the Windows side 🙂


      1. Yeah right, like I wouldn’t already know about that if it really existed…

        *looks it up anyway*

        *stares at screen in silence*

        *yells out a long and colorfull string of obscenities*


  2. By the way, am I the only one who think the facial expression of her avatar fitted that post just perfectly? It completed it somehow XD


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