New build

And hopefully I’ll get round to uploading this one! Still very much a WiP at the moment.




5 thoughts on “New build

  1. Aw, can’t wait to see a new build from you – it’s been so long (and yes, I realise you have been rather busy lol). Looks like we are getting a cute log cabin?

    I love the picture you’ve put over the bed – the four leaves one from Seasons.


  2. *moan* *entitled whine* When’s it going to be ready?? Btw, in all seriousness Hi !! How is motherhood treating you? 🙂 Be thankful for the precious time of babyhood, because all too soon they grow up to be great hulking 17 year olds… who want to do things like drive… and go to pubs… and make me worry and stuff… *hug* Hope life is treating you all kindly .


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