Simcity for Mac

Have EA finally realised that Cider and the 3rd party developers they apparently use are as useless as a chocolate teapot? It appears so with the release of Simcity:

SimCity Mac FAQ

A native version for OS X? Just like they used to provide us with with TS1 and TS2? Yeah!

Although this sounds a bit ominous –

“Mac fans will get a version worthy of their platform”

Judging by TS3 and their obvious disdain for Mac users it doesn’t bode too well. I’ll give it a go though. Always loved Simcity, the first time I played it was on an old Macintosh SE 😀 Did you know that Simcity was originally released on the Mac OS before the PC Platform?



4 thoughts on “Simcity for Mac

  1. “Did you know that Simcity was originally released on the Mac OS before the PC Platform?”

    Really? They should’ve stuck with it 🙂

    I have never played SimCity, actually. But, I do hope that it runs well. Maybe this can be the beta to make the rest of The Sims franchise natively ported for Mac…. A girl can dream Lol


  2. Er… gonna have to take this with a big grain of salt. While I am happy that they’re doing the right thing by making it a true Mac product, have you done your research on this game? If not, you should SERIOUSLY look into it. The PC launch was a fiasco, and don’t forget, this new version of SimCity was designed as a multiplayer experience. It doesn’t have a true single player mode, and you are essentially renting this game. Many people enjoy it, but quite many more have been vocally upset about it, and it’s not just sour grapes against EA (though that would be reason enough, right?) So I recommend to everyone who reads this that they do their research BEFORE pre-ordering it.


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