Patch 1.47 – Poll

Has anyone actually experienced any of the bugs that this patch apparently fixes? I’m sure EA just make half of these glitches up in their patch notes in a bid to try and detract from the real bugs which they are incapable of fixing. Out of interest in others’ experience I created a little poll for you, my dear reader:


4 thoughts on “Patch 1.47 – Poll

  1. And that is exactly why I didn’t bother to download it. I’m not having any of these issues, and my game is actually running quite smoothly *knocks on as much wood as possible* The last thing I need is for a patch to make my game crash completely.


  2. I don’t remember getting any of the in-game bugs, though, touch wood, I seem to be one of the lucky ones who rarely get worse than a bit of lag. I have spoken to people getting the issues though, but I don’t know if the patch fixed it for them.

    What I was interested in most were the CAW fixes. I did experience the CAW problems, not being able to install worlds directly and Edit in Game crashing. But I just installed my world directly to the game files and started building lots for it from in game, rather than through CAW. I’d still like to have CAW back though.


  3. It introduced a new glitch, in my game at least.

    If you want to edit towns, DO NOT use the bulldozer tool. Remember how, if you used it on an empty lot, it would erase the lot entirely? Now, it does it on lots with stuff on them instead of clearing them, meaning that you cannot use it to edit towns anymore. Which sucks, since it’s necessary with some towns.


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