Random pictures

My game has never crashed so much as it has since installing Island Paradise but so long as I save frequently and purge the RAM it’s ok….ish. I am loving this EP though 🙂










9 thoughts on “Random pictures

  1. sorry your game crashes so much. I purchased a new computer but there seems to be no differenced in the game play. This computer is way over specs. I still have lag and freezes.
    How are you? How is the family? I have not heard from you in a while. Miss your sweet e-mails.


  2. So good to see you are still at it. I’m going to pick up your latest world and try it out! Is that one of your own custom dive lot? 🙂


  3. Hope you are well too! I took a very long break but upon my return was very pleased to see you are also (semi) back 🙂


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