Apologies for the MASSIVE fonts

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog/website theme. And I have absolutely no idea how to make the font any smaller. I know nothing about CSS so there’s no point in me even paying for the CSS upgrade as I wouldn’t even know where to start! If you find it really obnoxious you could just zoom out (on a Mac, hold down CMD and press -, not sure what it is in Windows sorry – anyone?).

I think this theme is gorgeous so I’m sticking with it. It’s called Sketch. And if anyone knows how I can make the font smaller, please tell me!


7 thoughts on “Apologies for the MASSIVE fonts

  1. simsparkle

    Does Mac have any kind of programme like windows live writer you can use? Linday recommended that to me and it means I can change my font and text size nice and easy external to the wordpress drafting tool… :S


      1. simsparkle

        Nice to be back far 🙂

        And if you can’t make the changes then might be worth checking if there is some kind of Mac compatible editor – I can’t make any changes to my theme but I can make certain changes like font and text size in windows live writer which then upload as I want them too 🙂 Might be worth looking at least if it really starts to annoy you?



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