Apologies for the MASSIVE fonts

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog/website theme. And I have absolutely no idea how to make the font any smaller. I know nothing about CSS so there’s no point in me even paying for the CSS upgrade as I wouldn’t even know where to start! If you find it really obnoxious you could just zoom out (on a Mac, hold down CMD and press -, not sure what it is in Windows sorry – anyone?).

I think this theme is gorgeous so I’m sticking with it. It’s called Sketch. And if anyone knows how I can make the font smaller, please tell me!


7 thoughts on “Apologies for the MASSIVE fonts

  1. Does Mac have any kind of programme like windows live writer you can use? Linday recommended that to me and it means I can change my font and text size nice and easy external to the wordpress drafting tool… :S


      1. Nice to be back far 🙂

        And if you can’t make the changes then might be worth checking if there is some kind of Mac compatible editor – I can’t make any changes to my theme but I can make certain changes like font and text size in windows live writer which then upload as I want them too 🙂 Might be worth looking at least if it really starts to annoy you?


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