Unique builds for Huckleberry Bay

As well as adding some of my previous builds into the new world, I’m building quite a few unique ones. Some will be completely furnished, others will have the bare essentials so the game automatically adds families into them. My builds are really Store item heavy which I know some can find frustrating – sorry.

One of the builds is an attempt at a a renovation – The Stable Block and the Coach House.


These are two separate residential lots designed to look like one. The one on the left is the Stable Block and the one on the right is the Coach House.  I’ve placed a load of plants in CAW to bring them together and used MOO on the actual lots to get the same type of plants as close to the edges as possible. These lots would look awful anywhere else!

One of the other lots is one I’ve really been struggling with. It’s perched high up overlooking the town with the idea that the view of the town would be gorgeous from the house.


The problem is that the house is really quite an eyesore from the rest of the town. It’s just too noticeable and doesn’t really blend in.

I tried several different types of house but couldn’t find one I was happy with. I might give it one more go or just leave this one in there. It can always be bulldozed and rebuilt by someone much better at innovative builds than me 😀

Then there’s a couple of little island lots which I LOVE. The one with the jetty has the string of lights which came with the Bohemian Set all along the fencing. It will look (hopefully) lovely in game as the sun is setting.



The other is a white and blue simple little build with a lovely view to the mainland beach.



I’ve also built a tiny allotment. Of course, none of the harvestables will transfer across so I’l have to upload the lot separately. It doesn’t look like much right now but will hopefully look nice when the plants are harvestable.




6 thoughts on “Unique builds for Huckleberry Bay

  1. OMG, Bluebell, they are gorgeous! I LOVE the one on stilts with the terrace. I have the perfect family for that one :D. And the artistic sim could move straight into the island lot with the jetty…


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