The Sims 4 poll time!

Yep, it’s poll time again. Something that happens about once every two years here. Just make your choice on the poll below or in the right hand menu bar 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Sims 4 poll time!

      1. Agreed. Despite how buggy and painful it can be to play, it is still a lot of fun and I hope that a lot of the content from the Sims 3 gets ported over to Sims 4… especially Vampires (yeah, I’m a big fan of the Vampires).


  1. If I may. I’ll have it only to test object because I can’t install it on windows, it would be too slow but will work on my old iMac. I just have the minimal requirement. But I must say, the game is way too boring for me. I prefer Sims 3 ….


  2. I am not sure how the game is for me yet. I am not on a MAC but I am glad that they are finally making it so everyone can try it out. It was a gift to me from a dear friend, so I did not pay for it. I would wait and see if I could get it on a sale, as it is not the best game to have come out of this franchise. I am partial to sims 2 as sims 3 gave me so many problems it was unplayable without mods, and I do not think that modders should have to do the work that EA should have done to make a game play. Anyway that is another rant. I am sometimes bored with the game and sometimes it can hold my interest, I have to rotate the play as to just play one family continuously would bore me to tears in all the games, that is my ADD, so I guess I am not that good a judge as to how it should be played. I can take the game or leave the game. Maybe there will be a way for MAC users to try the game out first and see if they like it, like they have done for Windows users. I hope so that way you can all make a good decision as to if you want to own the game or not. So much negatives on the forums, really it is not that bad. It is not a full sims game and you can tell that, but I think it has potential to be a good game, but, that is a lot of money to pay for potential so that is why I say wait for it to go on sale.


    1. Thanks for your detailed response jimmysnan 🙂 I personally think Sims 4 seems empty and I find it impossible to enjoy because of the dreadful colour palettes EA have used to replace CASt 😦


  3. I’m just hoping it’s not another buggy Cider port. EA did an awful job porting Sims 3 to the Mac, but I do have to say that SimCity ran pretty smoothly so hopefully, they either (a) port their games better or (b) hired some competent people who know their way around Objective-C.


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