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I recently Tweeted a guru and the main Sims Twitter accounts, asking if we would be getting a dedicated Mac forum for The Sims 4. Ten days later and I’m still waiting for a reply for all those “beloved” Mac folk, as they so patronisingly referred to us on the Sims 3 Mac Forum.

SGGrant Twitter

I’ve just asked the same question in the Forum Ideas & feedback section over on the Officials. No doubt that will probably be ignored as well but let’s try and keep it active until they move/delete respond to it. You can find the thread here:

Will there be a Sims 4 Mac Forum?

Sims 4 Mac Forum

I am fully aware that those with nothing better to do and an average IQ of about 12 will probably troll the thread with the usual ‘Macs aren’t gaming computers’ rubbish 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sims 4 Mac Forum

  1. Hi! This is all so frust rating isn’t it. I bought a copy of the Sims 4 for PC, but it’s an old PC, so when the sims 4 for Mac comes out I’d like to transfer it. Will o be able to do that or will I have to by a new copy?


  2. Pft. It would be nice if they fixed their coding on their “new forums.” I’m one of the unlucky ones who can’t use any code in signatures, so I have to just type out everything, no links, no image links, nada.

    EA at its finest….per usual. Can’t even get their forum shit straight.


      1. Yeah I just looked, and I’ve been on there since July of last year, and I noticed this problem back then. And it’s STILL not fixed? Shocker!


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