EA/Maxis confirm they are working on updating Sims 3 for Mac

If this is really happening then wow. Just wow. It’s hope for all those who can’t currently play anymore.

5 thoughts on “EA/Maxis confirm they are working on updating Sims 3 for Mac

  1. Oh my god!! Thank you EA! But I’m wondering.. Why do EA release The Sims for Mac when it’s not working properly? I mean, I would guess they tested it on different macs before releasing it. And they could just add information about which Macs the game works for, so you don’t end up buying a game you can’t play…


    1. I’ve come to believe it’s all about swindling money. When the base game came out, the VERY first thing I did before buying was to make sure my black macbook met the system requirements. It more than did that,


      1. I went and hit the wrong button forgive me…..
        I was saying my macbook went above and beyond the requirements, I bought the collector’s edition, installed it…..and it worked like crap. They know once you open up cd’s/dvd’s/etc. you can’t take it back. I’ve been so disappointed and cursed EA and The Sims for it since. I don’t even think they thought to test it on a Mac because what does it say when for 4 years a barrage of people are saying it’s unplayable on their computer and there’s no solution given. What’s worse is thinking about how EA and The Sims partnered with Apple to promote the game. I remember The Sims 3 Banner in the Apple store near me. The only thing I see in that partnership is money and more money for them. Ridiculously sad.


        1. The game is a mess because of Cider but to be honest, the black MacBook barely met the system requirements for the game. The Intel GMA X3100 was a pretty low level, underpowered graphics chipset.


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