Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch on Mac

This has been around for ages and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. When trying to use CAS the cursor is glitching and displaying one or more of the following symptoms:

  • When editing a body part the cursor will not ‘let go’ of the part to stop editing
  • Moving your cursor over the screen will randomly grab a body part for editing
  • Rotating the Sim is not possible unless using the keyboard arrow keys

(thanks to 13Vader for the video)

At the moment there is no solution or workaround although some users have reported that it resolves itself after a game update. We have a thread at AHQ collecting information and it does seem to be affecting lower spec. Macs so lowering your in-game graphics options may help. Please post in the thread if you are experiencing this or if you have found a fix, or leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch on Mac

  1. I am one hundred percent expieriencing this, I’m assuming it’s just a bug for Macs with Sims 4. I have an iMac and it’s not a custom content problem, nor is it a virus in your iMac however I haven’t found a fix yet. I know that it’s neither factors because I just reset my iMac’s Macintosh storage so it’s a brand new Sims 4 with all brand new files. So I wouldn’t worry about it being a virus, instead id get the others expieriencing this same problem to contact the Sims creators so they can fix the bug.


    1. You should post in the thread I linked to and provide the information asked for in the opening post. EA are aware of it so all information helps. I don’t think anyone’s worried that it’s a virus as it clearly isn’t 🙂


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