Crashing caused by Origin avatar

Of course, there are many reasons why the game can crash – out of date CC/Mods, corrupted save, gameplay bug, low spec. machine, Origin in-game enabled, lots of different reasons. One of the current reasons since the December patch is down to the user’s Origin avatar. We have had this before but it was fixed a few months ago. It is also a common cause of Gallery crashes for Mac users.

If your game is crashing, and your avatar in Origin looks like this, you need to change it and it may fix your crashing problem:

Origin avatar crash image

To fix it open Origin, click on your profile in the bottom left corner then click on the orange button saying EA Account and Billing next to your profile image in the main window:

EA Account and Billing

In the browser window that opens click on your profile picture and choose a new avatar. You can upload your own or choose one from the avatar gallery.

Once you have changed it quit Origin and restart and you should be good to go.


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