Quick post about my website

Because of the reappearance of a lowlife who I’m not even going to bother naming, I have deleted the forums and subscribed users to my website, http://www.bluebellflora.com. I have done this to make sure that the parasite does not pick more people to target as he seems really quite obsessed with this blog, my website and others’ blogs and websites.

I hope most of you who signed up will see this and understand, sorry I can’t message you all individually.

BlueBay Retreat Uploaded

BlueBay Retreat is now finished and uploaded, download link here – http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4031435

There’s a ton of pictures over on my website:


Dutchysim very kindly helped me play test it. All roads and Lots are hopefully rip and tear free. The only annoying thing is my farmhouse. I have placed Bluebell’s Farmhouse in the farming area but the perfect fruit and veggie plants have disappeared 😦 You can solve this by simply deleting the lot, download the farmhouse from my studio and place it back in the world.

All the important community lots are built in the world – City Hall/Police/Military (Late Night 3 in 1 City Hall combo), Gym, Pool, Book/Grocery/Theatre, Art Studio, Business, Nectary, Consignment Store, Vampire Lounge, Movie Backlot, Science Facility, Stadium, Spa, Restaurant, Salon/Tattoo, School, Criminal, Graveyard, Laundromat, Park, Academy, Hospital, Junkyard – already built. I have built some and some are EA’s with a little recolouring and tweaking. Some of my residential lots have been placed and I have built a few new ones. There are also a lot of empty lots to build on.

As always it is completely 3rd party CC free. Hope you enjoy 😀

Catching Will-o’-the-Wisps: