Rebuilding Hidden Springs – Part 2

Done a bit more to Hidden Springs. The school and bistro are now finished. I’ve used the ones from Town Life because I think they fit really well with the surroundings. I’m afraid I’ve been really lazy with the bistro and just plonked down the EA pre-built lot without changing anything but it doesn’t really look that bad:

I’ll tweak it a bit when I’ve got more of the residentials done. Villa de Truffle is going next to it, a couple probably with maybe a minor colour change on one of them.

The school:

And now the park to replace the parking lot 😉 It’s not quite finished but most of it is done:

I wanted to try and make the park look less like a square lot and more like the town was built around it. And I placed the Fountain of Youth bang slap in the middle of the little island in the lake, the only way a Sim can get to it is if they teleport 😈


9 thoughts on “Rebuilding Hidden Springs – Part 2

  1. lol! That’s a good way of making it a challenge, they have to get 70,000 aspiration points to buy the teleporter. Interesting way of making a reward!

    And I love the lots! They should have made Hidden springs a town that came with Town life, as the lots seem like they’d be perfect for that particular place!


  2. Or they could just master the martial arts skill and do the meditation teleporting thing 🙂 I’ve never even seen the teleporter in my game, don’t think I’ve ever got up to §70,000!

    And yeah, the TL lots look really good in Hidden Springs – you don’t think EA did that on purpose do you? 😉


  3. Truly evil. You are making me want Town Life! I am a little tired of the original community lots and those look very different.

    My sims would never get to the fountain of youth, although you’d think that they should be able to swim out to it. They can swim in a pool, but not in a pond, nor the sea. Nuts!


    1. Sorry Caspin… 😦 I could happily live without Fast Lane and HELS but I really like Town Life and OLS, they are worth getting – only £7 from Amazon. And yeah the swimming, lame isn’t it?


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