Rebuilding Hidden Springs

I’ve started demolishing and rebuilding the lots in Hidden Springs. The Town Life school has replaced the pre-built school and I’ve placed it next to the City Hall. I’ve also replaced the Bistro with the TL one. Both lots look more in keeping with the town than the base game ones. I’ve also demolished a community lot high up on the mountain below the look out bit and replaced it with four residential lots – three 20x15s and one 15×10. I’m building cabins up there and they look so sweet nestled amongst the extra trees I’ve placed:

I’ve had to place rocks at the base of the trees because the trees never sit on the ground properly in Edit in Game but it’s turned out quite nicely.

Now, onto the parking lot…


6 thoughts on “Rebuilding Hidden Springs

  1. Looks great BB!

    How have you been doing?
    I have been so busy that I haven’t replied on your blog for a while but I do see all your posts 🙂
    I also was working a little on hidden springs but its such a shame that there is no beach lot. 😦


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