Caught out again EA

The thread I started over on the Mac Discussion Forum asking Mac users to post their specs so we could try and narrow down the Lion/TS3 problem is now 56 pages. No “Guru” has ever responded on it. But as suspected they were fully aware of it’s existence. Thanks to Yingerpoof who posted this screenshot from his Live Chat nightmare experience with them:

Yes Erin from EA, that will be me, BluebellFlora, you’re referring to. The one who started a thread in the vain hope that a “guru” might take their thumb out of their arse long enough to reply on the thread. Instead, hundreds of fab Mac users responded with their specs, thereby helping EA by diagnosing the problem for them. If it wasn’t for all the specs posted, and the problem being narrowed down to graphics card issues, EA would probably be none the wiser as they seem incredibly ignorant when it comes to all things Mac (see side bar widget – “EA Customer Support for Macs” for proof)


Would it have been so hard for EA to respond on that thread? No, it wouldn’t. “Beloved” Mac folk? I don’t think so. Next time EA don’t bother with Cider, it’s crap. I get half the FPS that I do playing in Windows on exactly the same computer. Get Aspyr to port the games for you like they did so brilliantly for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2. Sure we were about 6 months behind Windows users when it came to EPs and SPs, and lost out totally towards the end,  but at least the games were running natively with less problems on our Macs. And when Apple release a new operating system and make it available to developers (that includes you EA) 5 months before launching it, it might be a good idea for you to test it, ok? And if problems are found it might be a good idea to address them, ok? You state the game is compatible on Macs, well prove it. You do know the difference between Windows and Mac computers don’t you?


I’ll repeat another little piece of advice which I gave you some time ago Electronic Arts Inc. – test the EPs, SPs and patches with the base game and all other EPs, SPs and patches to date, and all possible combinations of. Not just the base game. Because that’s why your patches are always borked and the EPs and SPs, more often than not, require reinstallation. You flog us more games so you need to test more – capisce?


I won’t bore you guys with the details of my latest sorry episode with EA’s Live Chat but in a nutshell I was disconnected twice because they couldn’t give me an answer, I was told to post my query on the forums because I would find an answer there (no guru has yet helped with the screenshots and photography bug) and when I asked how to get a refund they directed me to Origin, which only supports Windows PCs.


5 thoughts on “Caught out again EA

  1. Haha that’s EA for you. It’s so sad that I can’t help but laughing at its absurdity.

    Funny also, the next line was, “I came across that thread did start happening and you’re right there haven’t been any replies at the moment. I did however send the thread over to the concerned department to keep an eye on it.”

    Glad to see that they’ve known since the beginning yet chose not to at least try placate us with a response.


  2. Such bad customer service. You know I’ve never met any gamer who has a nice word to say about EA – their reputation for poor quality and customer service really hangs around them like a bad smell.


  3. *sigh* Once again you fail, EA. The sad thing is that they get away with such bad customer service, people still buy their products and will continue to do so. I’m one of them, I just bought some windows from the store yesterday…I shall put them in my un-patched game on my non-upgraded Mac.


  4. It’s all true. EA certainly don’t love Mac players but I don’t think they love any of their customers. My brother plays another EA game on playstation and it’s just the same – bugs galore and customer service nil. We Sims players get an even worse deal because of all the SPs and EPs. The cumulative nature of our game means that there are even more opportunities for them to screw it up as they go along. They use their customers as testers but then don’t have the decency to fix the problems that we discover for them and dutifully report. How about a big thank you to BluebellFlora for making the effort to write that thread, EA, especially since she wasn’t even directly affected by the problem? Or how about some sim points? Something! Anything!

    I miss Aspyr. I would much prefer to be six months behind the PC players but get a game that works properly on my Mac. I was disappointed that they didn’t make the last few EPs and SPs for Sims 2, but at least all the ones that I did have worked just fine.


  5. Couldn’t agree more Caspin 🙂 I don’t expect anything from EA, in fact I think that I’m probably one of their least favourite people. They have visited this blog a few times and had a good look around so they know I’m not exactly their biggest fan 😉


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