Right EA, you bunch of GUTLESS wonders – listen up Mac users!

I’ve upset you now because I asked why you always refer to Macs as MACS? As an obvious tongue in cheek post? Jesus christ, get a fucking sense of humour would you? I only asked innocently what MAC stands for as your supposed “help” service seems to think that it is an acronym rather than an abbreviation (and maybe that’s the problem with the game? That your developers are trying to make the game work on a platform that doesn’t exist?).

So EA, stop fucking around moving and deleting threads, yet again, from the Mac forum and have the courtesy of RESPONDING in threads instead, ok? That goes for all those Windows users who are crying out for help too, respond to their threads as well – it’s no secret that the game is a piss poor piece of crap and it’s a miracle that ANY of us can ever get it to work. Your supposed customer service drones direct people to the forums for help, what’s the point when no one from EA actually BOTHERS to help?

And Nichaedemus, I’m still waiting for your response:


Can I recommend that if you post in the Mac forum you put a disclaimer at the top of your thread stating that it originated in the Mac forum? Just an idea.

Two of my deleted threads:

Not much to report…. yet.

EA emailed me today, out of the blue, asking if they could call me. I explained that I was in the UK but was more than happy to talk to them if they wanted to call. So this evening my phone rings and it is EA calling from the USA.

We were on the phone for about 20 minutes. I pointed out various things, they listened. They explained several things, I listened. We spoke about user accounts and how easy it is to set them up, visible content which may be better off deleted completely, the problems that the social media content in Showtime might present, deleted threads and a few other things.

Let’s see what happens over the next few days but it was good to talk directly with someone at EA who properly understands what is going on.

Shutting the stable door after the (freezing) horses have already bolted.

Look who’s just popped up on the Mac Forum:

Thank you for your patience? Mac users’ patience ran out a long time ago, or haven’t you worked that out yet? Hopefully no -one will be taken in by this feeble attempt at placating the players who can’t actually play! And why is it taking so long to come out with a patch? Oh yeah, because EA are too busy working on MORE Stuff and Expansion Packs. Don’t forget, you can still vote on EA’s customer service here.

I couldn’t actually see this comment on the thread, it only popped up after I had posted this:

Thank you to AVK for leaving a link to this on one of my earlier blog posts, very insightful 😀

Now, where was I?