Glasshouse Studio Starter

My smallest starter so far, built on a 10×10 lot, the living space is 5×5! But this charming little elegant starter has everything your Sim needs – kitchen, double bed, bath and loo. So what if you have to wash your hands in the kitchen sink? There’s a lovely little eating area outside on the veranda and a quiet seating area to the side amongst the cherry and peach trees. And all yours for the bargain price of §16,000. If you need more space why not plonk it down on a bigger lot and build it up? That’s what Bluebell Flora is currently doing after having amassed a small fortune looting tombs in Shang Simla. As always, no 3rd party CC, fully play tested and all appliances upgraded to unbreakable.

Glasshouse Studio Starter

Download Link –












Screenshot-142 copy

Screenshot-141 copy
Screenshot-143 copy
Screenshot-145 copy


5 thoughts on “Glasshouse Studio Starter

  1. Nice as usual, I am going to put it on a big lot and build a huge house for my “ritzy” couple and use this as the pool house. Lovely idea to make it in glass and as Caspin said, I love the roof.!!!!!


  2. Absolutely beautiful…going through your studio and falling in love with your builds all over again as I reinstall them. New hard drive has the room my sims need, just need all the pretty things in my game again! 😉


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