Quote of the year

So the thread I referenced yesterday is still rumbling on with both sides happily fighting each other.

I’m oscillating between laughing and crying over the various replies which are now verging on the ridiculous. But the best response by far, the response which made me laugh out loud and almost choke on my Prosecco (we’re celebrating a newly decorated house – yay!) was angldior’s straight to the point, no holds barred:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 18.19.36


“I’m not impressed by some guru making CC **** for you on his lunch break” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Angldior – I LOVE you 😀

6 thoughts on “Quote of the year

  1. All that shit just because some Guru made a plastic pie on his lunchbreak. Wow. It probably took him all of five minutes – like most of EA’s creations.


  2. Either that, or they name you Shamer / Hater / Troll / Unkind / Nasty / any other descriptive name here, simply because you don’t bootlick or brownnose Gurus like some of the special snowflakes who participate in that section.


  3. omg simply PRICELESS! Sad thing is that pie will no doubt be glitched as hell like over half of the store content is. I mean I own the entire store due to the generosity of so many amazing friends (no Guru’s) and only less than half is usable in game without consequences. I love all my virtual additions, but how is one to enjoy something (that someone paid their hard earned money for mind you), when it doesn’t show up, won’t work, or shows as CC? Guru’s my arse! I would give my full support to Blunote and others who I consider friends, any day, certainly not to someone who spent part of his lunch sculpting a virtual pie!
    Thanks and squishy hugz Bell


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