The Sims 4 – running in Parallels

I’ve bought The Sims 4. I’ve played around for a few hours now, and I’m not convinced. I’m putting together a post on here with comparisons on running it in Boot Camp and Parallels. In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the game running in Parallels:

The Sims 4 Mac

Nothing exciting, just playing around in build mode so far.


9 thoughts on “The Sims 4 – running in Parallels

    1. Why do you hide behind the computer Rud3bwoy? It’s all good though, because I can help you say things to people’s face because you’re obviously that courageous. Your address is 16829 105th Ave Jamaica, NY. Your phone number is in my possession too. You’re not the only one who can use a computer.


  1. I’ve been playing in parallels, too, BluebellFlora. Where is the World Map?? It’s probably because I’m used to TS3, but I miss not being able to see how they’re doing at work. I’m not sure…


  2. @RUD3BWOY, yeah your username says it all doesn’t it? Just another immature brat with no manners, and no doubt have no life of your own, therefore have nothing better to do than to sling insults at others to make an attempt at making your sorry existence known. Well let me be the first to tell you, that you are a parasite which we all have no use for, so take your sorry arse on outta here as we can’t be bothered by the likes of parasites 😉 and for the record, why don’t you bend over and suck your own, if you can find it that is lol

    Bell, you know we all appreciate what you do for the community of Mac users hon, so just report and ignore this slimebucket parasite 😉 squishy hugz


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