Sims 4 Modern Starter upload

I spent last night playing in Sims 4 in Boot Camp. One of the reasons was to play around with the build tools a bit more because so many of my Sims friends who build swear that the build tools are great……….. and now I’ve been converted! The second reason was to actually play for a little while and build up some user data to see how well it will copy across to OS X when the game is released on Tuesday. I also made another observation, the Gallery feature to upload lots, Sims and rooms to is crap.

This is the house I made and have uploaded:

Light and Breezy CoverYou can find it in the Gallery under my Origin ID.

When we get the Mac version of the game next week I really, really hope the graphics are going to look as good as they do in Windows:

Light and Breezy Day Light and Breezy Night I do love the night time look in this game, it’s a lot softer than The Sims 3. But I’m still very unimpressed at how clunky objects look, there’s no finesse to them.

Light and Breezy InteriorsRemember, if you’ve already purchased the game through Origin for Windows, the Mac version will be available to you at no extra cost.




5 thoughts on “Sims 4 Modern Starter upload

  1. Your comments and insights are always so useful 🙂 Does TS4 have a dedicated site, as TS3 has? Or is the gallery (to which I have difficulty sharing my little offerings) our only point of communication?


    1. Kind of. There’s a general Sims site now where they moved all the forums to. I’m hassling a guru at the moment for a dedicated Sims 4 Mac forum, like we had for Sims 3, but they’ve done nothing about it so far.


  2. Thanks for posting this, I’ve avoided TS4 so far. Maybe I’ll think about the Mac version. Please keep us posted. Your insight is much appreciated. B x


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