The Sims 4 available for Mac, EA fall at the first hurdle

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t EA make a Sims 4 Technical Discussion forum available for Windows users BEFORE the game was actually released? So bugs, patches and all the important stuff relating to actually getting the game to work was available straight away? Yep, that’s what I thought, of course they did.

So why are they so useless and not bothered with the Mac equivalent? I started this thread 17 days ago and 2 days later, with much support from the fabulous blunote00, SimGuruBChick responded:


Two weeks later where are we? Absolutely nowhere. EA have failed YET AGAIN, with their “beloved” Mac folk. No sign of any dedicated TS4 forum. Now, before anyone reading this starts yelling at me about demanding a Mac forum, consider this – do you really want us clogging up the Tech. forum with a myriad of posts about Macs? No, didn’t think so. Currently EA are moving all Mac related posts to The Sims 3 Mac Forum anyway so the TS3 forum is getting clogged up with TS4 threads.

Not off to a great start are we EA?


Edit – an hour after the game goes live and we have a Mac forum:



One thought on “The Sims 4 available for Mac, EA fall at the first hurdle

  1. Ah, but did SimGuruBChick actually specify which week? Perhaps she was pointing to a wall-mounted 2015 calendar with December revealed and the week after Christmas was looking like a ‘possible maybe’. 😉


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