Rue de Medici now available in the Gallery

I’ve loved building this so much. It is classified as a Retail Lot as it has a Parisian style bakery and a Tuscan inspired farmhouse built on the same 20×30 lot:

Cover Shot Rue de Medici

The gardens are lavishly planted:

And there’s an established vegetable and fruit garden to supply your bakery:

With a lovely peaceful seating area:


The upstairs terrace has beautiful views over the gardens and bakery:


The bakery has great curb appeal and will attract a lot of customers:


Now for the interiors. The house has two bedrooms, one double and one twin. An open plan kitchen and sitting room, two and a half bathrooms, a study and a workshop in the basement:

The bakery is all ready to stock and open:

As always I’ve fully play tested it and there is absolutely no CC anywhere in the build (I have none in my game). Don’t forget to select the lot you want to place it on and enter build/buy mode BEFORE you place it as I’ve used MOO and enlarged some objects. If you place it in town mode these items will be lost. The only problem with a home business at the moment is your customers wandering around your residential area. As soon as EA introduce lockable doors you won’t have this problem but for now, you could just place an object in front of the gated entrance to the house using MOO. Don’t forget to remove it after you’ve closed up for the day!

You can find Rue de Medici here on the gallery.



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