The Sims 3 University Life ‘Not Yet Released’ according to Origin

Another issue that’s cropped up for Mac users. When trying to download and install University Life they are being notified that the EP has not yet been released. This seems to be related to specific product codes when purchased through Origin.

If you are experiencing this please contact EA customer support to request a replacement code or wait for EA to hopefully release a fix through Origin.


7 thoughts on “The Sims 3 University Life ‘Not Yet Released’ according to Origin

  1. Hello, any recent official updates from EA Origin about the incompatibility with OS X El Capitan? I check this blog at least once a day for any updates since I find it more convenient than browsing through The Sims forums. Thanks, and have a magical day.


  2. Hello, I was referring to Origin players running Mac OS X El Capitan being unable to use Origin In Game. EA Origin stated “The most recent version of Origin for Mac OS X is incompatible with Origin In Game. We’re working to bring Origin In Game functionality back to Mac players. Stay tuned for updates.” This was provided on November 13th, but I haven’t heard any official updates since.

    I apologize for posting this here. I thought it would be easier to communicate if I posted under your most recent blog, even if the issue isn’t referring to University Life.


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