Adfly is nasty, nasty, nasty

Now I’m a CC junkie, I’m having to deal with the inevitable Adfly rubbish that some creators think they’re entitled to. It’s a shame that a lot of creators hide their links behind it. Maybe I should start hiding my help pages behind links too (that will never happen). I’ll click through the links though to get to what I want to download. I’m not stupid and know bullshit malware when I see it. But so many don’t and end up with crap on their computer all because someone thinks they’re entitled to payment for creating some pixels. Yes, a lot of those pixels are very pretty and take a long time to make but let’s be honest, you’re probably creating and uploading because you like the adoration and attention, that’s why you use the Adfly links.

As a Mac user the ads always seem to tell me that my Flash player is out of date and then very helpfully downloads a new version for me (if you get this too NEVER OPEN IT). Today I got a new and exciting advert telling me my Mac was horribly infected and the pop up looked like the print options. Quite clever actually:

And doesn’t it look like Apple’s site too? It eventually disappeared and I downloaded the CC from the creator’s Mediafire page.

So yeah, a little rant post about greedy CC creators who potentially put other peoples’ computers at risk from infection. And you know what pisses me off even more? Active CC creators who don’t update their content when it breaks due to a patch, or don’t link to a mesh needed, but still have the links up to download from. And then when you message them asking about the item they ignore you but happily respond to their fans gushing over their amazing talents. I swear, I’m going to start naming and shaming soon.


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