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Dispensing Pump recolour

Another recolour of a dreamteamsims conversion. This time of the Aesop pump bottle. I made the labels and recoloured the bottle to make them quite unique. You will need the original mesh for them to work in your game. Download links after the picture.

Converted mesh by dreamteamsims (Aesop Pump 01) – Download

My recolour – Download


Removing characters from Sims 4 CC filenames to improve performance

I’ve noticed such a significant difference in my game since removing the characters from the CC filenames that I’ve uploaded an Automator Workflow and Application so others can just drag and drop their files to rename them. All instructions and download links are in my article here – https://bluebellflora.com/using-automator-to-remove-characters-from-sims-4-cc-filenames-on-a-mac/

Creating Sims 4 CC on a Mac – Sims 4 Studio now available

For all you Sims 4 CC creators out there who use a Mac, no need to run Windows in Boot Camp or a VM anymore, Sims 4 Studio is now available for OS X El Capitan. It is still in beta and doesn’t have the full functionality of the Windows version yet (so maybe don’t get rid of that Windows installation just yet) but it’s still what you’ve all been crying out for for so long. Hopefully more features will be added in the future to bring it up to the same level as the Windows version. There are apparently some new features not yet added to the Windows version though, which is pretty cool.

Sims 4 Studio — Introducing Sims 4 Studio for Mac-Appleseed (20160829)

I’m not a CC creator so have no experience of using any CC tools but I’ve seen enough posts from Mac users wanting to be able to work in OS X rather than Windows.

You can find all the information and links over on their tumblr here – http://sims4studioofficial.tumblr.com/post/149009729571/introducing-sims-4-studio-for-mac-appleseed