Sims 4 CC and Mods not showing up in-game

Sometimes there are spikes in this issue being reported and it usually coincides with a game update or macOS update. Game updates can render CC/Mods incompatible so you need to check with the creator that the content you use has been updated to work with the current patch level of the game. When macOS updates are applied this can sometimes change iCloud Drive settings so check the location of your Documents folder in System Preferences:

  1. Are CC and Mods enabled in your game options? If not enable them and restart the game.
  2. Is your game fully patched up to date?
  3. Are the CC and Mods you’re trying to use fully compatible with the latest version of the game? Check on the creator’s website that they are. The good creators will always check their content is compatible after an update and release an updated version if necessary or possible. Check the SimsVIP broken Mods page for updated lists after each patch.
  4. Are the CC/Mods definitely for Sims 4 and not Sims 1, 2 or 3?
  5. Have you unzipped the downloaded CC/Mods so you are only placing .package and/or .ts4script files in your Mods folder?
  6. Do you have iCloud Drive enabled to store your Documents folder in the cloud? Check in System Preferences. If so disable it so your Sims 4 data is stored locally on your Mac.
  7. Have you tried repairing your game? Right click on the game in your Origin games library and select repair game.

ItsaprilXD’s fabulous guide to installing CC/Mods on a Mac is also worth a read.


Sims 4 Tray Importer for Mac


Here’s a link to using the Sims 4 Tray Importer in macOS. Getting it to run seems a bit hit or miss but it appears that with a little perseverance some users are getting it to run in Sierra.

Sims 4 Tray Importer for Mac

The guide is really detailed and very easy to follow and the comments are very informative too – good luck!

Update January 2018

As of January 2018 the Mac version of Tray Importer is no longer compatible with the Sims 4:

S4TI for MAC is no longer available. The app no longer works with the latest update of the Sims 4 and the developer does not want to provide support on MAC (platform it does not have and which greatly complicates its development …)

Sorry folks, seems like it’s the end of the road for us Mac users. I’ll update this page if it is resurrected.

Update April 2018

Well, seems like it’s up and running again as of the 4th April 2018. Just follow the links above!

Remove Mods before updating your game

This is still catching so many out but it really is very simple – if you have Mods in your game then you MUST move them out of your Sims 4 folder before updating/patching your game. You must, you have to, it’s the law.

If you don’t move your mods out your game may become unplayable. To make sure you are never caught out by automatic updates, turn them off. Here are the simple steps to ensuring a (hopefully) happy game after updating with Mods:

  1. Make sure automatic updates are turned off for your game. Open Origin then go to Preferences: Origin Preferences
     Make sure you’re in the General tab and scroll down to Updates. Automatically keep my games up to date and Automatically keep Origin up to date should both be unticked. For good measure, make sure Ignore non-mandatory game updates is ticked: Updates
  2. Make sure Origin is not automatically loading when you start up/login to your Mac. Automatically launch Origin when I log in should be unticked:Login
  3. To verify that Origin shouldn’t be loading at startup/login you can double check whilst it’s open. Right click on the Origin icon in your Dock, go to Options and make sure Open at Login is unticked: Dock Login
  4. And finally, to triply make sure Origin shouldn’t be loading at startup/login, check your user account preferences. Open System Preferences then click on Users & Groups:System PreferencesMake sure your user account is selected then click on Login Items in the right hand pane. Origin should not show up there at all: User account If Origin is showing there simply click on it and then click on the minus (-) symbol under the window. That will remove it.

That’s it. Your game should never update automatically now. You will be prompted to update when you open Origin and when you launch the game. So remember, if you have Mods –