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Sims 4 Studio Candy Apple for Mac – object recolours!

The wonderful Sims 4 Studio people have released the latest version for Mac and it supports object recolours!! I am beyond happy right now, no more having to move between Windows and Mac. We can’t yet edit and create meshes but being able to recolour is a massive step forward. It’s still a beta version so may be a little buggy but it does support macOS High Sierra – recolour away!


Backsplash recolours – Part 2

Backsplash recolours of Novvvas’ Pacific Tile Collection to match MINC’s lovely C-Series and S-Series kitchens.

Pictures & Downloads

Backsplash recolours – Part 1

I’ve made a few recolours of Novvvas’ Pacific Tile Collection backsplash to match Peacemaker’s lovely Shaker Kitchen.


More pictures and download links here.