Cottage Living White Wisteria Recolour

I love the wisteria in Cottage Living but really wanted a white version with paler green leaves. As well as recolouring the regular Build/Buy Catalogue items, I also recoloured the debug wisteria and changed the tuning so it shows up as regular Build/Buy wisteria (thanks to this tutorial over at Sims 4 Studio). There are 5 regular items and 6 debug items.

You can find the items in the Build Catalogue under Wall Sculptures and the Buy Catalogue under Wall Decorations. The items pulled from debug do not have the Maxis description.

Download at SimFileShare (no adfly or paywall of any kind)

CC timeless kitchen speed build

As you can see, I’m VERY indecisive when I build 😀

Full CC list:

Sims 4 Base Game garden pot recolours

I’ve never liked the garish brown garden pot for harvestables in the game, so I decided to recolour it. Five swatches – three plain and two tiled.


This is a simple recolour of the base game garden pot, no other packs needed for it to work.

SimFileShare (no Adfly or similar)

Sims 4 Studio
Windows, walls, floor, curtains – all Peacemaker IC
Watering can – base game
Lamp – Perfect Patio Stuff Pack