Sims 4 Base Game garden pot recolours

I’ve never liked the garish brown garden pot for harvestables in the game, so I decided to recolour it. Five swatches – three plain and two tiled.


This is a simple recolour of the base game garden pot, no other packs needed for it to work.

SimFileShare (no Adfly or similar)

Sims 4 Studio
Windows, walls, floor, curtains – all Peacemaker IC
Watering can – base game
Lamp – Perfect Patio Stuff Pack


Leaning Picture Recolours

Another recolour, this time of dreamteamsims’ conversion of billyjean’s leaning picture. 8 swatches in total. You need the original mesh in your game. All links after the pictures 🙂

Dreamteamsims original mesh – download

My recolours – SimFileShare (no adfly)