Installation Verification Error – Sims 3 64-bit and Metal for Mac

The Sims 3 64-bit and Metal version is now available and can be downloaded and installed through your Origin games library. Unfortunately the game isn’t actually playable as this error is appearing at the Main menu:

If you look in your Applications folder you can probably see the Sims 3 Packs folder but no game app:

Hold down CMD, Shift and the full stop/period key and you will see hidden files and folders. Now you can see the Sims 3 app:

I don’t know what the cause of this is but thankfully EA are aware and looking into it. I’m wondering whether it’s a trusted developer/certificate thing? I’m blaming Origin. If in doubt, blame Origin because it’s horrible. I have tried various workarounds I thought might work with no success and am still playing around now.

Keep an eye on this thread for updates from MaxisJoe and hey, you didn’t really think the launch would go smoothly did you? This is Sims 3 on a Mac 😀


13 thoughts on “Installation Verification Error – Sims 3 64-bit and Metal for Mac

  1. Is it possible that this error is causing my download to not install at all? Like I can’t even start the game. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Origin three times today and it hasn’t fixed the problem. It just keeps saying “Finalizing.”


    1. I got my game to work by canceling the downloads of the expansion packs I had; then, once the game finished finalizing, I redownloaded what was left to install. And for the downloads. I had to go into Go -> Library -> application support -> origin. If there is no Installer Data folder, create one by adding a new folder and naming it Installer Data. This eliminates critical system error and allows sims3packs to be installed.


          1. Sorry that wasn’t specific at all:

            Finally got the game and all the expansions going, but I couldn’t get the store downloads to work. At first I was in the wrong library folder, then I added the Installer Data folder, then nothing.

            Then I just kept clicking “update game” then repaired the game, and then all of a sudden, my store downloads worked. Maybe they’re working on it?


  2. So I managed to download the game off origin it shows up in my launchpad but not in my applications… the game loads and starts and then I get “The Sims 3 cannot run” error when will this be fixed


      1. I am using the 64bit and running on Catalina. this has never happened before, I did have the 32 bit on my mac before i updated to Catalina and it worked just fine, I uninstalled when I updated to Catalina and followed the uninstalling process I seen on a thread like this and then downloaded the 64bit and uninstalled and reinstalled it twice once with all the EP’s and SP’s (that didn’t work) and then again with just the base game (that still didn’t work) I hope what i said gives you a clearer picture of my problem very grateful for any advice you have 🙂


          1. Hi no my game still isn’t in my applications but odly enough i can still play it maybe contact origin if you can’t play and its not in your applications they where very helpful when I rang them x


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