Loving the new Sims 4 platform tool!

So many possibilities with this new tool, it’s amazing. My favourite part is creating stairs with it and yes, it IS possible to this. They are a little buggy and the routing can look a bit odd though. My Sim walked through a wall a couple of times but managed to get to the top without any help from me.

There are, of course, some annoying glitches with them:

  • building a platform in a room demolishes the wall if the platform is built against a wall. The wall can be rebuilt but it is very annoying.
  • some objects cannot be placed up against a platform, for example kitchen counters. This is easily rectified by making sure MOO is enabled.
  • if you demolish a platform you may not be able to place objects where the platform was. Enable MOO and you should be good to go again.
  • rounded platforms don’t play well against straight edged platforms and foundations.

I made a video showing a really quick small build with platform stairs and platforms on the upper level. If you use platforms like this remember that you do need to place a one step stair from the top of the tallest platform to the floor of the higher level otherwise your sim will not be able to access the upper floor.