Advice for Mac users – ignore Colton147147

I’ve been ignoring this for too long now. If you post on the official forums asking for Mac advice and Colton147147 answers you, pretty much ignore everything he has to say. He has no clue about Macs and only wants to increase his post count and appear ‘helpful’ when he’s actually just trolling. And even I can see that his Windows knowledge is pretty limited.

I’ve already messaged him asking that he ignore Mac threads as he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He apologised but carries on regardless.

Lumping together all 15″ MacBook Pro and iMac models just shows his ignorance:


So please, just ignore his advice. He knows nothing.

Dick face is back


Almando Boochoon, a.k.a – Rud3bwoy, Rud3, Rud3Boy, ExcLusiv3, XcLusiv3, Rud3Bwoyz, Rudeboy – convicted software pirate and known scammer.

Just ignore him, if he bothers to stick around for any length of time. If you have no idea what I’m talking about take a look here or just Google him. He’ll probably turn up soon and leave some illiterate nonsense in the comments section so stay tuned!

Candy8 – what exactly is your point?


I’m the first to admit that I get extremely frustrated by people posting the same old questions day in and day out on the Mac forum because they can’t be bothered to actually read some of the helpful threads on there. I get frustrated that some users won’t even bother trying any helpful steps, instead seeming to relish the fact they can just moan. And moan. And moan. Thankfully the majority of the posters are lovely though and genuinely want help and to help others. But sometimes you get the occasional idiot who makes you question why exactly you want to help people. Candy8, you’re that fucking idiot.


Sorry if I stated the obvious in my reply:


At least she admits she’s lazy as fuck:


My ever so slightly sarcastic reply:


Such a lovely reply:


Yes, absolutely, EA should have fixed the problem you’re encountering, and countless others, by now. But they haven’t. So get over it and try some troubleshooting steps or fuck off and annoy someone else.


She then replied and I chose not to carry on this pointless conversation. However, a couple of hours later she edited her post to make it even more venomous, adding in “What is the point people on here most of them are nasty just like you” and “Please do not bother to respond.”

Post7I never expect anything in return for the help I try to give others. I have repeatedly stated that I am not a Mac expert but I do know a little about them and OS X. I like trying to help people and writing posts with troubleshooting steps. It’s almost become a mission to try and figure out what exactly is so terribly wrong with EA’s use of Cider that makes the game so unstable on Macs. I really would love to know why some of us can play well and others can’t. But it’s a mystery which EA clearly don’t know the answer to either.

Candy8’s problem is a known issue, as she has acknowledged herself in her very first post. But she was clearly not willing to help herself by trying the most basic steps to try and resolve it. Instead, she chose to start another thread.

There really is no helping people like her. And yes, I have taken offence to her comments.