New Sims 4 build – The Green House


A lovely little house set amongst lush planting, on all levels, and surrounded by water. As always no CC, fully play tested, and I didn’t even use MOO for this build so no problem when placing it.

Gallery download Link –

Tray files (if you don’t use the Gallery) –

Delete all the bloated Gallery cache files in Sims 4 instantly

You know all those annoying little thumbnail images that clog up your caches folder and really don’t do very much? They’re automatically downloaded every time you browse the Gallery. You can trash them all manually without any harm to your game or you can tell your Mac to automatically delete them as soon as they appear, like this:

Handy huh? I’ve written a guide on how to set this up on your Mac here. Why spend time doing it yourself when your Mac can happily do it all for you?


Water slide bug in the Sims 4 Backyard Stuff Pack

If your Sims are glitching out whilst using the water slide in the new Backyard stuff pack it may be because you have integrated Intel graphics. This is affecting both Macs and PCs but most of the reports are coming in from Macs running different versions of OS X. Intel chips can be found in 13″ MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, MacBooks, entry level 15″ MacBook Pros, Mac minis and 21″ iMacs. So most Macs unfortunately.

The good news is that EA are aware of the issue and have managed to reproduce it. Let’s hope they fix it soon.

Update (22.07.16) – EA have just released a beta fix for this issue in the form of a mod to add to your game. Please read SimGuruModSquad’s post here for instructions and links –

Update (26.07.16) – This issue has now been resolved in todays patch