Seasons graphics problems on Macs

I count myself very lucky that I can actually play Seasons, given the amount of Mac users who can’t since they installed it and/or updated to patch 1.42.

BUT I am having a very annoying glitch happen when the season changes to Autumn (Fall):


As soon as Fall turns into Winter everything returns to normal and is fine until Fall comes round again. When the full moon phase kicks in that also seems to correct the issue – weird huh?

It’s looking like this may only be affecting current 15″ MacBook Pros with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics cards. If you’re experiencing the exact same issue please can you post on the following thread in the Mac forum (even if you’re a Windows user):

Please don’t comment on here – we need all the info. to be readily available to EA in one place 🙂

EDIT – It seems to be affecting all NVIDIA GeForce GT cards, not just the 650M.