For the Mac users having problems, or not

Please, please, please can you post on the following thread:

I want to try and narrow down the current bugs and glitches to common factors for each one. We’re only using 3 different operating systems at the most. All updates come from Apple for the OS and hardware – no 3rd party drivers from the manufacturers. The hardware across certain models is pretty much the same – same processors and graphics cards – I’m thinking the problem is maybe installed software and what is installed into peoples’ games.

EA are truly loathsome when it comes to their support for Macs but they do read the Mac forum, even if they only send out their pet moderator Nichaedemus to post stupid and irrelevant comments. We managed to narrow down the graphics issue for them with Lion, let’s try and sort out the other problems too 🙂

We need as many specs. as possible please, from those whose games work and those whose don’t.