EA not supporting Lion? How predictable

Taken from roaringapps:

“Sara” is evidently a Mac user and TS3 player. If what she says above is true then I’m not surprised – are you? But, as with the lack of support for any graphics cards in Macs post 2009, it just seems pot luck as to whether you’ll be able to play The Sims 3 in Lion. Some of us are managing to play fine, others aren’t.

EA will have been able to get their hands on Developer Preview 1 of Mac OS X Lion on the 24th February this year. That’s 5 months ago. 5 months for them to get TS3, probably one of their biggest cash cows, working on an upgraded Mac OS. I don’t care if it’s down to Transgaming who produce Cider or not, Mac users pay EA for this game.

“Beloved” Mac folk? Don’t make me laugh EA, you don’t give a damn.

If anyone has any correspondence from EA confirming or denying compatibility please can they forward it to me? All you have to do is comment on here and your email address will show up so I can email you. Don’t worry, no one else will see your email address.


2 thoughts on “EA not supporting Lion? How predictable

    1. Pathetic. They’ve had 5 months to try it. Now they’re having a panic because a huge chunk of Mac users aren’t able to play until they fix it. They are beyond useless…..


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