Let’s get a bit of perspective shall we?

Rachel Franklin’s comments about The Sims 4 and the decision not to include toddlers isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact if anything the backlash is gathering more and more momentum over on the official forums. Numerous threads are being started then either locked or deleted, EA’s damage control must be working overdrive on this one.

Personally I couldn’t care less about toddlers, as I’ve stated numerous times now. But I do think they should have been included in the base game from the beginning. But then I think CASt should have been too, and open worlds (having a loading screen just because my Sim crosses the road is a bit extreme), and cars, and diving boards etc, etc. I think that, sadly, the game is now very far removed from what it once was.

But I still play it because I love the building tools, I’m still a builder first and foremost. If I didn’t like it I would have given up by now and moved onto something else. When I want to play and have pets and seasons in my game then I play Sims 3. So I alternate happily between the two.

What I don’t understand are the people who are still moaning about the lack of toddlers a year on from launch. They’re not in the game, you desperately want them and you say your gameplay is severely lacking without them, so why on earth are you still playing it? Why are most of you apparently still buying Expansion, Stuff and Game Packs if you’re so unhappy that there are no toddlers? If I missed something that I believed was so fundamentally important to my gameplay style then I wouldn’t play it as I wouldn’t get any enjoyment out of the game. So you must still be enjoying certain aspects of the game to carry on playing it?

This rather fantastic comment pretty much sums up my feelings exactly. It was posted on one of the numerous pledge threads that have sprung up in the General Discussion forum. Sadly it’s been deleted now but I managed to grab a screenshot of it:mitchiebanjo

I do love that some Simmers are trying to make themselves heard but let’s get realistic here, this is EA. You should have learnt by now that they never listen to what their fans actually want.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s get a bit of perspective shall we?

  1. It is really awful. The posts are non-stop and I agree with what you are saying, but if you say this on the forums, they will have your head. I agree with these posts, remember how the posts about a certain pornotroll got nowhere. It took members like you and others to get change through their own efforts, not efforts of EA. So I do not think that they are going to listen now. They just waste time, and EA likes the drama, they get a big kick out of it.


  2. I still moan about Toddlers and I don’t even own the game. I moan about them because I believe the game isn’t complete ( it isn’t anyway ) without all the lifestages. I’ll continue to moan about them until EA either listens, or the series ends. Whether EA listens or not is irrelevant, because we all know they don’t, but if my moaning about the game being incomplete turns someone off a sale and leaves EA without the price of the base game, or an EP, then I think that’s great. Because the more people that do it, the less money for EA and the tiniest bit of hope that if they wont react to the raging of their players, they might give pause for the almighty dollar.
    Sure, a few pissy little sales might be only a drop in the bucket to them and not make a difference at all, but it’s the principle of the thing.


      1. I know. But I can live with myself, standing up for my principles, even if EA doesn’t have any. However, I do like to go and have a moan on the boards, because the people who still hope that there will be change need every voice they can get.

        If people like jimmysnan stopped trying to silence everyone, and actually lent their voices to those who desperately want things to change, then every little bit might help, right?

        There are a couple of simmers on the boards, who, even though they love the game, also lend their voices to cry for change, as well as signed the boycott petition against buying the next EP. Because they want everyone to be able to have a game that appeals to them.

        Whether it all helps or not, I don’t know, but I feel it IS important that EA know there are legions of disappointed and furious fans out there. And such disappointment should be reiterated time and time again, because with EA’s track record, once you stop mouthing off, they sweep it all under the carpet and breathe a sigh of relief, and go back to pretending everything is hunky dory.


        1. I saw your comment on a thread (think it may have been the “scrap Sims 4” one?) about yet another thread being started and couldn’t have agreed more. I’ve given up on posting because so many people seem experts at twisting posts and not actually engaging their brains. I love my blog for that reason 🙂


          1. I think scrap threads are silly. They’re not going to just scrap the game in the middle of its series. Perhaps when its dribbling to the close of its lifetime, who knows, but not right now. Also, there are people who love the game. It’s not right to take it from them, however bad some of us think it is.
            But again, I don’t think its right for people to constantly try to gag others from reiterating their opinion on what needs changing to turn the game around into one that appeals to the Simmers that have been left out and neglected because their playstyles are in tatters. As I said, EA needs it constantly shoved in their faces. Otherwise they believe that everything is okay and that fans have forgotten about it.


  3. Let’s get a little perspective here. You say EA loves the drama while at the same time implying that people who don’t like this game should stop with the complaints, keep their mouths shut, and not buy anything else Sims related. Just go away and play some other game…but keep your complaints to yourself and off the forums (Yes, that is EXACTLY what you’re say8ng). Well, don’t worry, dearie. Simmers are well aware that EA doesn’t give a flip about them and their feelings, and sooner or later, they’ll get tired of voicing their concerns and walk away from the website altogether. Then all you positive folks can have the Sims 4 forums all to yourselves. Enjoy the crickets.


    1. Good god are you still around? I thought you’d disappeared months, if not years ago.

      And no, in the bigger picture that’s not what I’m saying at all. Oh Jarsie, how I’ve missed your twisted logic. How lovely of you to find your way over here 😀


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