Toddlers are plum

Because now people are speculating about toddlers not being added into the game. And the General Discussion forum has truly become a cesspit of tediousness. And don’t bother commenting with a “if they added them people wouldn’t talk about them so much”. You know what you’re getting when you buy the game. Either play it or go back to Sims 3.

With love,

Bluebell x


5 thoughts on “Toddlers are plum

  1. If they added them to the game people wouldn’t talk about them so much !!

    Yeah okay couldn’t resist.
    I’m indifferent to toddlers themselves. I play them when I’m in the mood and age them up when I’m not. BUT… the fact that EA are getting away with making and then breaking their inclusions of lifestages into the game, and the fact that it is a LIFE STAGE in a LIFE SIM… well… I think it’s wrong. They’re charging top dollar for a cut down, rehashed version of what started as a stupid online social sim game that no one ever bloody asked for, and rating is as an AAA title.
    They shouldn’t be able to get away with this kind of stuff, and I believe it needs to be rammed in their faces all the time, until they either admit they’re never coming back or admit to working on them and releasing them later.
    Otherwise, they do their sweeping under the rug thing, pretending the issue never existed and that people never asked for it. Because we all know that’s what they do.


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