Several Mac specific fixes have been patched into Sims 4

What a treat!

June 2022 patch,

  • Major fixes for those with Intel 16″ MacBook Pros. The crashing, freezing, restarting and horrendous spiky graphics were finally fixed.

July 2022 patch, 1.90.358.1230

August 2022 patch,

Are there any Mac specific issues you’re hoping will get fixed in upcoming patches?


macOS Monterey issues and The Sims 4

This post is probably months overdue I know, I’ve been a little tardy of late. Anyway, over the last 8 months or so there have been a couple of Monterey specific reports of issues with the game. The reports are intermittent and aren’t affecting everyone running Monterey but still, Monterey and the game don’t seem to play nicely with each other. Reports over at Answers HQ include:

Game freezing after updating to Monterey:

This seems to affect Intel users mainly although there have been a few issues on Apple Silicon equipped Macs, they may or may not be related. The active thread is here. EA are actively requesting users experiencing this to upload their entire Sims 4 folder to help find the cause (page 5).

CAS/Build Buy/Live mode camera not working as expected:

This issue has been around for years but does seem to have been exacerbated in Monterey. Users report that the camera in CAS doesn’t move in the direction they expect it to or lags excessively. In Build Buy and Live mode the camera almost seems to move in the opposite direction. The active thread is here and EA are aware of the problem. Rather frustratingly, I haven’t managed to repro this and I don’t think it is affecting everyone playing on a Mac running Monterey. If you are experiencing it, please post in the thread. I wonder whether it could be players using a mouse vs trackpad?

If you have any issues you think are Monterey specific please report them in the Mac forum over at Answers HQ. EA are active in the forum and read the posts. The more info provided the better. If your game is crashing don’t forget to include the lastCrash.txt file from your Sims 4 folder in your post.