Garden Obsessed!

My interest in building houses is really waning in Sims 4 but I am becoming obsessed with gardens:

Front Path

Vegetable Garden


I recently built Subterranean Splendour which you can download from the Gallery here –

It’s a small house buried beneath a lovely garden:

Subterranean Splendour

It’s the ultimate in peaceful living for your little Simmies.

TS4 Work

Georgian Townhouses

I built these specifically for Magnolia Promenade, I think they fit in perfectly. Each house is self contained so perfect if EA ever bring out an apartment style/multi-occupancy Expansion Pack for Sims 4. Or you could make the lot a retail lot and move your Sim into one of the houses, the other two houses could be for a bakery and a store perhaps?Georgian Townhouse 8


Tiny little one bedroom cottage with a modern kitchen and bathroom.

TS4 Work