The weirdness when you quit your game

You know when you quit your game and the walls go a bit transparent and weird? I’ve always liked it but today I thought it looked really cool.

The snow and light just looked perfect, with the windows giving it a surreal lightness.

Just wanted to share 🙂


Sims 4 Base Game garden pot recolours

I’ve never liked the garish brown garden pot for harvestables in the game, so I decided to recolour it. Five swatches – three plain and two tiled.


This is a simple recolour of the base game garden pot, no other packs needed for it to work.

SimFileShare (no Adfly or similar)

Sims 4 Studio
Windows, walls, floor, curtains – all Peacemaker IC
Watering can – base game
Lamp – Perfect Patio Stuff Pack


Mac Sims 4 shadow bug

We have a new Mac specific bug that’s popped up since the November patch, game version

If you play with laptop mode off you will see a weird straight line shadow following your Sim around when they are inside:

A workaround at the moment is to enable laptop mode in your game. You could also go into the GraphicsRules.sgr file and change the RenderShadowsEnabled value to false but enabling laptop mode is a lot quicker and easier. You may get the awful pink floors bug back though so you decide which is worse!

We have a thread over at AHQ so please do take a minute to press the Me Too button so EA are aware of how widespread it is. If you have a minute I’d really appreciate it if you could please post your Mac model too and version of macOS –