Marble table top recolour

I absolutely love Minc’s S-Series kitchen but wanted a table to match and couldn’t find one. So I recoloured Blackgryffin’s Mega Table and I LOVE the result, so clean and crisp.

And here’s the table with Minc’s kitchen in the background:

If you’d also like the table make sure you download Blackgryffin’s original mesh as my recolour won’t work without it. The link to the kitchen counters is below too:

My recolour (no Adfly)

Blackgryffin’s original mesh

Minc’s S-Series Kitchen


ArtVitalex Bedding recolours

One of my favourite bedding CC but I wanted some more simple colours and textures. Five swatches for the blanket with matching pillows, or you can mix and match them. You’ll need ArtVitalex’s original mesh which you can download from The Sims Resource:

– ArtVitalex original mesh – TSR

My recolour downloads (no adfly) – SimFileShare